In these terms and conditions.  ‘Twenty Four Carrot’ means Twenty Four Carrot:  ‘The Client’ means the person, firm or company making the booking and ‘The booking’ means the function to be catered for by Twenty Four Carrot: and ‘The quotation’ means Twenty Four Carrot’s quotation of price based on the estimated numbers of persons who will be attending the booking.  


A written or verbal confirmation from the client to proceed with the event will be taken as acceptance of our quotation and terms and conditions.  Written Quotations are valid for 3 months from the date of quotation and may be subject to change following a site visit or further information gathering.  All quotations contain fixed costs, which will not be reduced if the number of guests is less than originally quoted for.  


All prices quoted are for a specific number of guests and any changes in numbers will affect the menu price. Confirmation of minimum numbers is required 14 days prior to the event and final numbers are to be confirmed 5 days prior to the event, unless otherwise advised in writing, after which time any decrease in numbers cannot be accepted and the full charge will be made.  All prices are based on using ingredients prevailing at the time of the quotation and are conditional upon market availability and cost. 


Cancellation charges are payable for cancellation of an event which has been confirmed verbally or in writing by the client where costs have been incurred in respect of food, labour or other services.  Additionally, 50% of the staff fee will be payable to the staff for cancellation 48 hours prior to the event.  For cancellation within 24 hours of the event, the full staff fee will be payable.


Settlement of the full invoiced amount is required 7 days in advance of the event.  For events booked more than two months in advance a deposit may be requested at the time of booking.  We shall be entitled to withdraw our service should payment not be received by the stated date and to charge the client for any costs thus far incurred.  Where payment terms are exceeded we shall be entitled to interest on the amount that is overdue at the RBS Base Rate plus 8% calculated on a day-to-day basis.  Any legal charges incurred in the recovery of the money will be paid by the client.


We reserve the right to alter prices or substitute ingredients due to market fluctuations, but will not do so without prior consultation with the client.


All food, wine and labour costs incurred in arranging food and wine tastings will be fully charged to the client.


In the event that members of staff are required to work beyond 23.30 hours.  The client will be responsible for the cost of providing taxis for all staff members to take them home.  The taxi fares will be included in the final invoice.
Wines, spirits and Champagnes are sold by the bottle.  Wines, spirits, soft drinks and Champagne (except non-stock items and fresh fruit juices) are sold on a sale or return basis for full bottles of wine or unopened bottles of spirits.  We cannot accept responsibility for any remaining drink left at the venue after an event. 


Although all reasonable care will be taken by Twenty Four Carrot to ensure that any products prepared or supplied by them will be accordance with the instructions by the client in relation to dietary requirements no liability can be accepted for any consequence in relation to any dietary requirement that has not been disclosed.


If property or that of a sub contractor is accidentally, wilfully or negligently damaged, stolen or lost at an event, the replacement cost is payable by the client. 

Cloakroom facilities can be provided at the client’s request however Twenty Four Carrot does not accept responsibility for guest’s possessions.  These are left at the owner’s own risk.


The client is responsible for any loss or damage to hired equipment from the time of delivery until it is collected by the company or sum-contracted company or returned by the client.

Equipment at all times remains the property of the company or sub-contracted company.

Delivery of equipment hire is door to door.  Our staff are not allowed to move furniture.  Clients should ensure that they or their representatives are at the delivery address to receive equipment hire.  If restricted access to the building causes delay in the delivery of equipment hire an additional charge will be made.  

No responsibility can be accepted for injury caused by the use of the equipment hire.


The client is strongly advised to take out full insurance for the event and particularly for any breakage, damage or loss of hired equipment as no claim can be accepted by Twenty Four Carrot


We shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to provide the service as a result of any act or circumstances beyond the company’s reasonable control including by not limited to Act of God, legislation, war, fire, drought, failure of power supply, lock out or strike.  


In the event of the cancellation of a party, the following percentage of the sales value will be charged to the client.

Cancellation within 7 days – 50% of quoted cost
Cancellation within 4 days – 100% of quoted cost

Hired Equipment
Cancellation within 14 days – 25% of quoted cost
Cancellation within 10 days – 100% of quoted cost

Cancellation within 14 days – 100% of quoted cost or subject to terms agreed with individual marquee suppliers

Cancellation within 7 days – 50% of quoted cost
Cancellation within 4 days – 100% of quoted cost

Cancellation within 14 days – 50% of quoted cost
Cancellation within 7 days – 100% of quoted cost

Cancellation within 1 month – 50% of quoted cost
Cancellation within 14 days – 100% of quoted cost

Cancellation within 7 days – 100% of quoted cost or as specified by artistes

Cancellation within 1 calendar month – 50% of quoted cost
Cancellation within 7 days or once work has started on site – 100% of quoted cost

Cancellation within 14 days – 100% of quoted cost or subject to terms agreed with individual locations.

Wines, Spirits and Beers specially purchased
Cancellation within 14 days – 100% of quoted cost




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